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Originally Posted by The Crow 1994 View Post
Yeah. That's what I meant. I think it might give our 'Nox a nice look, while being functional at the same time.
Yeah, I think it will help it stay a little more cooler with less light emissions getting in..

Originally Posted by 2010BlkGraniteNox View Post
I guess I'm the only one that has the Nox as "his" wifey to take it from me. Its a sea doo mull, only reason I purchased it. I still wish I would've waited to find a nice Trailblazer SS, but that was too much of a pain, and I wasnt really impressed with the interior. The nox won me with its interior...lacks performance though (tune helps some )
I have a friend that got a Nox as his graduation present... yeah I know, what a lucky one.

Look at it this way... Its sure easier to mod a vehicle you drive over when that the wife drives.
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