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Originally Posted by SalsaNox View Post
Hello Nox fan's,
I have a situation & I'm looking for advice on where to start diagnosing this problem...
The Car shut off while driving on the road. I opened hood & didn't see or smell anything out of the ordinary.
I then attempted to re-start & started for a second, but shuts off immediately.
It has 1/2 tank of gas & battery is ok as well. I'm guessing fuel problem.

i turned the ignition far enough to engage/activate the fuel pump,butidon't hear anything.
Should I be able to hear the Humming sound of the pump?

bad pump? filter?

any thoughts/input appreciated to assist in resolving issue. thanks!
i would say its a pump! its pain in a.. to change it for you self. because you have to lower the fuel tank to gain access to it. if you don't hear any humming noise for about 2 seconds after turning ignition to the acc position most likely it is a problem. what mileage it have?
06 NOX
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