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Originally Posted by ckwas21 View Post
I have a 2008 Equinox and I have been having issues. I will be driving and all of the sudden I will have bells going off and messages saying Service throttle, service stabiltrek, service traction control and engine powering down. (sometimes it is all messages sometimes a just one or two of them) My car shuts down. I start it after a minute and it runs fine with the engine light on. After about 2-3 times of starting my car up the engine light goes off. At first the dealer said it was from my remote start I had installed. So we removed it and I am still having problems. Any suggestions on what it could be? I will be taking it back to the dealer because they said the remote start was not letting them read all of the proper codes. Sounds kind of funny to me. But the car does run perfectly fine, no noises, or issues besides the problem discribed above.
did this happened only after remote starter installation? or it was before that? where did you got the crank wire for the remote starter? what company i remote starter?
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