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Originally Posted by 1der View Post
Ordering WeatherTech molded floor protectors for my new 2013 Equinox. I could order a kit that includes side window deflectors. I haven't seen a "Nox" in my area equipped with them. Are they not worth it, don't work, etc? I HAVE seen bug deflectors on a few Nox's. Any good? I have 6 weeks before delivery so I have time to figure this out.
I normally put these on all my vehicles but I have not on the Nox as of yet.

I looked at the WeatherTech Window Deflectors and they are the nice "in channel" deflectors. I hate, hate, hate the old style when they would adhere to the paint above the window. Not only would they break off over time and leave the stickyness behind but you could hear the wind big time at highway speeds...

I owned them on older vehicles, the non "In channel" and once the broke I spent time taking the rest of them and amending the paint where they were previously stuck too.

I like them because it does darken the windows a tad especially if they are tinted. You can have the windows slightly open(even in light rain) and it enhances the look of the vehicle.. I think so at least.

I loved them on my Duramax truck. My brother said that they don't make a lot of wind noise but it still bothered him. I never even notice.

Now you have me wanting to get them for the Nox!

I might do it today....
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